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Acecook Vietnam

The economic crisis creates the opportunity helping businesses have strategic visions “snatching more market share”. To do this, sales supervisors must be the “head of the front line”, who directly “struggle” against the market together with their “warriors” the salesman to create acumulated value for enterprise. Therefore, improving the capacity of sales supervisors are to enhance company’s “fighting power”

Understanding this necessity, Acecook Vietnam has invited BrainMark to conduct some training programs for supervision managers in company

BrainMark’s training programs already provided to Acecook include:

  1. Sales supervision & management methods
  2. Effective Trade Marketing
  3. Brand positioning
  4. Brand Communication

BrainMark’s training services inlude:

  • Knowledge and common skills that a professional sales supervisor needs
  • Standardizing forms, working processes, procedures to organize works effectively, scientifically
  • Training knowledge and skills of trade marketing, method of preparation, implementation and inspection, monitoring of business plan, effectively managing sales team, method of preparation, implementation and inspection, monitoring market covering plans.
  • Improving supervision performance,  properly implementing assigned tasks, thereby developing staffs, partners and markets, reaching the sales target of the year.

Thank you to the management of Company Acecook for trusting us for many years. Wish for the cooperation between the two companies more stable and Acecook will harvest much more successful, long-term development.