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Organizational Restructuring Consulting



Common mistakes of companies before restructuring

  1. Employees work ineffectively
  2. Employees perfom overlapping duties & tasks, lack of responsibility
  3. System cost is high
  4. Company manpower facing shortfall in quality and quantity
  5. Employee qualifications haven’t satisfied with job requirements
  6. Departments perform improper functions & duties
  7. Company hasn’t had specific strategy
  8. Unclear & overlapping organizational structure….

Organizational restructuring is a process of reorganizing, rearranging an enterprise’s operations system in order to create a new environment with the aim of achieving its objectives successfully

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Organizational restructuring consulting service has been provided to many corporations and their subsidiary companies with the aim to help enterprises achieve their goals.

Results achieved after restructuring process

  • Changing the way of thinking from management level to staffs in a professional & effective manner
  • Redefining company strategy, departmental duties & obligations (finance, production, sales, marketing…)
  • Reforming management system, rebuilding organizational structure
  • Clearly communicating departmental duties & functions to employees
  • Reallocating, transferring personnel, obtaining effective management methods, helping reporting and evaluating works in effective ways
  • Reducing work volume, cost saving, and enhancing performance
  • Obtaining company vision, mission, core value
  • A system of policies, processes, procedures helping company operate more effectively
  • Building performance evaluation system

BrainMark has been successfully providing solutions in organizational restructuring consulting to many foreign and local companies in Viet Nam.

Please, contact BrainMark for professional consulting assistance at the address below, if your company wants to get advice on how to restucture your company organization


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