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Consulting Human Resources Strategy



Company’s success or failure depends on whether it has strong human resources or not. So far, BrainMark has been providing human resources development consulting services to both foreign and local companies in Viet Nam. There are some common mistake companies usually make during their human resources development process:

Common mistakes:

  1. Employees haven’t sufficiently satisfied with job requirements
  2. Company doesn’t have any plan for next generation of personnel
  3. Company doesn’t have yearly employee competency evaluation system
  4. Company doesn’t have specific promotion policies for employees
  5. Company doesn’t have a system evaluating employee’s working performance
  6. Newly hired employees don’t meet with job requirements
  7. Training programs designed aren’t suitable for employee demands
  8. Compensation & benefit (C&B) paid not in accordance with performance and competency

Today, with more severe competition in personnel recruitment, If a company want to beat its competitors in recuiting, it should strive for an effective human resources management strategy. Only this will help companies create more competitive advantage in the development process

BrainMark is a leading company in consulting human resources (HR) strategy. We have been successfully providing the service to many foreign and local company in Viet Nam

BrainMark’s consulting services in HR development include:

  1. General strategy on HR development
  2. Building yearly annual operations plan (AOP) of HR
  3. Building next generation of personnel
  4. Implementing competency evaluation system
  5. Building a system evaluating employee’s working performance
  6. Building training plan according to employee demands
  7. Standardizing job titles and building promotion policies for employees

All BrainMark HR development consulting services implemented is to stablize and maintain company existing human resources, also developing new human resources in order to fulfil HR policies of talent retention and talent acquisition.

As a leading consultant, BrainMark has been successfully providing solutions in human resources strategy consulting to many foreign and local companies in Viet Nam. BrainMark believes it can assist and proposesolutions scientifically and effectively


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