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Dung Quat Beer

Those who have ever set foot on the land of Middle Vietnam, will easily feel the severe influence of Dung Quat Beer on the culinary culture of the people here when Beer Dung Quat has been present and occupied most of the market in the Middle- Highlands in VietNam.

Services BranMark has provided:

  • Consulting to build organizational structure
  • Consulting to build competency evaluation system
  • Consulting to build BSC – KPI system
  • Consulting management system
  • Consulting Marketing strategy
  • Consulting Marketing mix communication
  • Training Digital Marketing

Thanks to Dung Quat Beer management’s trust in BraiMark, BrainMark has contributed to its success, through the project, BraiMark has brought the Beer Dung Quat brand closer to the community, increasing market share in the domestic market and conquering the consumers in Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries; as well as creating a professional, working environment for the employees here