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Reasons why your company needs a professional BMS

  1. Your company hasn’t had complete organizational structure
  2. Your company hasn’t had clear job description
  3. Your company hasn’t had specific objectives
  4. What your General Director needs haven’t written into policy
  5. Your company lacks of processes, procedures in works
  6. Working coordination among departments is insufficient
  7. Employee working mindset and responsibility spirit is low…

These reasons are a constant reminder your company needs to build a perfect Business Management System

How is BMS designed by BrainMark implemented?

BMS which is designed for foreign and local companies in Viet Nam includes all policies, processes, procedures in order to operate effectively. The method is applied for all companies regardless company sizes and business industries. The method is built as below:

  1. Analyzing BOD objectives and development orientation
  • Analyzing BOD objectives and development orientation
  • Analyzing depatmental duties & functions
  • Analyzing work processes, procedures


  1. Interviewing management level
  • Learning to know departmental duties, tasks and workflow
  • Learning to know working relations among departmetns
  • Learning to know employee existing job description


  1. Building Business Management System (BMS)
  • Building management policies
  • Building company rules & regulations
  • Building work processes, procedures

What can BMS help enterprises?

  • Business Management System (BMS) helps management level handle works quickly to achieve objectives
  • Business Management System (BMS) helps employees work in compliance with system, more proactive in works
  • Business Management System (BMS) helps employees coordinate in harmony with each other
  • Once Business Management System (BMS) is applied, employees will understand clearer what they should do and shouldn’t in their job
  • Once Business Management System (BMS) is applied, overlapping duties & tasks will no longer exist

As a the most prestigious consultant, BrainMark has been successfully providing solutions in building business management system to many foreign and local companies in Viet Nam. Please, contact BrainMark for professional consulting assistance at the address below, if your company wants to get advice on how to build a professional business management system


Contact information

BrainMark Consulting & Training

596 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Ward 3, District 3, HCMC, Viet Nam

Hotline: 0909 363 363


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