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Dai Hy

With over 15 years of experience in the field of culinary and party organization, Dai Hy Palace Wedding Conference Center has been continuously innovating and developing to maintain the position as a pioneer in the heart of customers.

BrainMark is proud to be the first choice proivder of consulting and training services for Dai Hy Palace:

Consulting services BranMark has provided:

  • Building organizational struture
  • Building job description for each job title
  • Building BSC – KPI system
  • Building competency evaluation system
  • Building 3P compensation
  • Building organizational culure
  • Building management system
  • Building company strategy
  • Designing logo and brand identity system
  • Sales skills

Through the project, Dai Hy has been increasingly asserting its position and competitiveness with well-known domestic and international brands.