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Competency Evaluation Consulting



BrainMark has been providing consulting services of competency framework, standardized job titles to companies in construction industry in order to help them build 3P compensation system, as well as sustainable human resources development strategy.

Competency framework designed by Brainmark follows by steps below:

Competency Evaluation Consulting

Step 1. Determining planned objectives

  1. Identifying specific targets of competency framework building project
  2. Agreeing with company leaders about the purpose of the project
  3. Proposing the establishment of company competency framework project board
  4. Deciding interactive method how to implement the project with consulting company
  5. Discussing to agree on project progress

Depending on company demands, BrainMark will design a set of appropriate competency framework forms for further use in the future


Step 2. Standardizing job titles

  1. Reviewing organizational structure
  2. Reviewing company job title system
  3. Selecting job titles that need to apply competency framework
  4. Reviewing job description of job titles
  5. Supporting to fulfil job description according to position

BrainMark will analyze and dicide what kind of competencies are suitable for each job title with the aim to motivate and encourage employees


Step 3. Building competency dictionary

  1. Building management competency dictionary
  2. Building technical competency dictionary
  3. Building complementary competecy dictionary
  4. Building general competency dictionary
  5. Building and defining stardardized competency

BrainMark will design competency dictionary that is scientific and applicable to particular company


Step 4. Building competency framework for each position

  1. Organizing positions according to management group and non-management group
  2. Setting competency level for job titles
  3. Setting importance level for each job title competency
  4. Diciding standardized competency point for each position
  5. Demo test

In this step, BrainMark will determine what job title certain competenies should be accompanied and what equivalent importance level for that job title.


Step 5. Evaluating employee competency

Building methods and measures used to assess employee competency (by interview, testing…)

  1. Implementing competency evaluation
  2. Inputting evaluation data into software system
  3. Making report based on software data
  4. Reporting evaluation results to management

After evaluation, company will see the competency gap as the difference between the current competency level of your employees and the required competency level


Step 6. Recommending training sessions and human resources related policies

  1. Suggesting human resources development strategy
  2. Consulting company to select next generation of personnel, promotion policies, potential leadership
  3. Proposing suitable training sessions according to employee specific demands
  4. Proposing appropriate human resources related policies
  5. Proposing competency compensation

Through this step, BrainMark will design realistic & applicable competency development programs corresponding to employee needs and capabilities with the aim to help company achieve expectedly required competency level.


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