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Kho Thi

Kho Thi Skincare & Clinic is one of the most prestigious beauty institutes in VietNam with modern technology for beauty needs such as spa, specialized facial care, whitening treatment, plastic surgery, acne treatment, body care, weight loss, and other treatment

Services BranMark has provided:

  • Consulting to build organizational structure
  • Building job description
  • Building BSC – KPI
  • Consulting business strategy
  • Franchise consulting
  • Customer care consulting

Beyond the expectations of Kha Thi Skincare & Clinic leaders, the project has been successful with results:

  • Kho Thi owns the method and easily manages BSC-KPIs for long-term use
  • Clearly understand how to set company and departmental objectives
  • All company employees will understand and agree to achieve the common objectives of the company
  • Motivating staff with new thinking and high sense of responsibility, actively implementing the work of all employees

After project ends, promising new projects to be co-operated by BrainMark and Khơ Thị Skincare & Clinic