BrainBOS (Brain Business Operating System) is a model that helps businesses create growth power with seven elements (Seven Key Components): Vision, structure, product, people, implementation and culture. This is a group of 7 factors that create a sustainable development home for businesses.

Consulting services based on the BrainBOS growth model provided by BrainMark include:

Business vision building Consulting (BrainVIS)
Corporate Restructure Consulting (BrainCRE)

Product development system consulting (BrainPDS)
Competency system Consulting (BrainCOM)
Entrepreneurial operating system Consulting (BrainEOS)
Effective implementation Consulting (BrainAUD)
Corporate Culture Consulting (BrainCOC)

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BrainMark is a Giant in consulting field which specializes in building BSC – KPI system for local and foreign companies in Viet Nam. So far, it has been providing consulting to over 568 companies applying successfully the system in their business. The steps BSC – KPI is implemented by BrainMark are as follows:

  • Building Company objectives and BSC – KPI
  • Building Departmental objectives and BSC – KPI
  • Building personal objectives and KPI
  • Building personal KPI bank
  • Building standards of attitude & behaviour based on company rules & regulations
  • Training entire company the implementation
  • Applying BSC – KPI Solfware provided by BrainMark
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3P Compensation is a system designed to pay salaries according to employee’s merit and performance in order to create fairness, encouragment in company helping each employee maximize his abilities in works, contribuiting to company development. 3P Compensation system consulted by BrainMark is built according to international standards, however, customized to fit with companies operating in Viet Nam.

  • P1 – Position – Pay for position
  • P2 – Person – Pay for person (Competency- based pay)
  • P3 – Performance – Pay for performance
  • Building competency framework, pay rates
  • Converting out-of-date compensation system to 3P compensation system
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BrainMark usually consults companies in building competency framework, evaluating job title system with goal of carrying out 3P compensation system and human resources development strategies.

  • Identifying project objectives
  • Standardizing job title system
  • Building competency framework
  • Matching competencies to appropriate job title
  • Evaluating employee’s competency

Proposing training programs and human resource related policies

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Management system is build based on the theory and practical experience to form the priciples of evaluation which are applied for all businesses regardless of size or business industries.

  • The system is a model describing components of business management and interactive relationship between them.
  • The system is a general structure of business management model and applied for each activity, specific business model in the whole enterprise.
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Marketing is one of the premier components of company business production process. BrainMark provides Marketing consulting services in a view of working together with company to survey, plan, implement and also evaluate Marketing effectiveness.


  • Market research consulting
  • Market segmentation & target market selection consulting
  • Brand positioning consulting
  • Marketing strategy planning consulting based on company strategy
  • Marketing Mix planning consulting
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BrainMark’s In- house training service
provides company ideas of training and development from leading
experts & professionals in the same industries.
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We commit to provide a leading consulting service of applicability and practical training in Viet Nam
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