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Duy Tan Plastics

Previously, research and development activities of new products is still quite strange to Vietnamese enterprises. However, businesses in manufacturing, service industries have recently begun to pay attention to the activities in order to be able to offer new products and services to meet market demand and implement the strategy of sustainable development of enterprises.

Out of necessity, Duy Tan Plastic Joint Stock Company- one of the leading plastic companies in Vietnam, invited BrainMark to provide training program on: “Research and development of new products”

 According to Mr. Nguyen Ba Lam, R&D director of Duy Tan Plastic JSC: I am very pleased to participate in this program, the content of the program is close to reality and easy to understand. After the program, I felt satisfied with how R&D was helped redefine the product development process as well as how to work more effectively for R&D department.

Opportunity to succeed is only one, when the market is increasingly competitive, the opportunity does not allow the business to hesitate, if your company needs the best solution to achieve the goal, BrainMark believes that you need what we have. What BrainMark has done for the previous organizations is a testament to your belief in us