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Distribution Strategy And Planning Consulting


Various supply chain is a crucial factor to bring products to ultimate customers (the point of consumption). Establishing a strong supply chain including wholesalers, distributors, detailers..) to deliver products to final customer is extremely complicated process unless the company has specific strategy and plan.

Common mistakes companies make when establishing supply chain

  1. Don’t have distribution channel development plan
  2. Don’t identify primary channels
  3. Don’t invest enough in potential distribution channel
  4. Improper price setting that creates channel conflict
  5. Don’t have sufficient policies to control product price that create dumping on the market
  6. Don’t have standardized supply chain policy for each channel
  7. Uncontrollable bad debt

BrainMark provides consulting services in order to optimize your company sales efficienc

BrainMark supply chain consulting services include:

  • Market analyzing and price setting
  • Supply chain strategy consulting
  • Direct retail shop opening consulting
  • Supply chain policy consulting
  • Payment policy, commission and discount
  • Promotion consulting, and coordinating with banks in payment
  • Sales quota assigning consulting, evaluating KPI
  • Yearly sales planning consulting
  • Supply chain development skill training


BrainMark is a leading company in consulting and establishing supply chain in Viet Nam. We have been successfully providing the service to many foreign and local company in Viet Nam. Please contact BrainMark for professional consulting services at the address below:


BrainMark Consulting & Training

596 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Ward 3, District 3, HCMC, Viet Nam

Hotline: 0909 363 363


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