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Saigon Fuel Joint Stock Company

Saigon Fuel Joint Stock Company (SFC) is a multisectoral Investment Group with three main activities: trading petroleum, trading wood for export and investing in real estate. SFC predecessor was HCMC Fuel Company founded in 1976 owned by Government then  transformed to a joint stock company with the name SFC Fuel Joint Stock Company (SFC) since 2000.

Brand is one of the organization’s greatest intangible assets, and it needs to be carefully managed to ensure that it is properly and truly represented. A brand will be shaped optimally through research and investment, it only steps in one place unless it has a proper development strategy. Understanding the necessity of the brand as well as the benefits it brings, Saigon Fuel Joint Stock Company (SFC) invited BrainMark to consult and solve its outstanding difficulties and barriers it encountered.

Consulting services BranMark has provided:

-Brand development strategy consulting

-Brand Identity System (BIS) building

-New logo designing

-New slogan creating

Through the project, BrainMark has solved the outstanding difficulties, and pressure that SFC BODs encountered on the way of its business development. With BrainMark’s experienced specialists, we already brought SFC a great satisfaction with services provided

Opportunity to succeed is only one, when the market is increasingly competitive, the opportunity does not allow the business to hesitate, if your company needs the best solution to achieve the goal, BrainMark believes that you need what we have. What BrainMark has done for the previous organizations is a testament to your belief in us