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Consulting Brand Designing



Designing Brand identity system is to renew brand image, to bring refreshment to company brand in order to meet market changes or corporate new strategy. Changing Brand Identity System also means a strategy of changing the level of customer brand recognition on the market


Your company Brand Identity System reflects your brand scope, stature and strategic mesage to target audience. Currently, many famous brands have been beginning to change their Brand Identity System that brings to these companies new development advantages in order to create a sustainable development in the market

BrainMark usually provides brand designing consulting for foreign and local companies in Viet Nam from logo attached to company office supplies to products on shelves in supermarkets, shops that must be consistant and unified in accordance with branding strategy


Reasons BrainMark is selected widely for brand designing consulting

  • BrainMark has great experiences in brand designing field
  • Desingner teams are dedicated, creative
  • BrainMark’s advices are always applicability- reality oriented
  • Each brand designed by BrainMark is considered as an “emotional living soul”
  • BrainMark always promises contract progress with high quality to customer



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