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Ranee Fish Oil

Ranee fish oil is produced by Asia Fish Oil Joint Stock Company (AFO), a member of Sao Mai An Giang Corporation. Currently, the product is sold in all  distribution channels in the market and is popular with consumers.

Products are produced at Sao Mai fish Oil Refinery in An Giang province. This is the first factory in the world to produce food oil from Pangasius fish fat as its raw material input

The following consulting services BrainMark has provided to Ranee Fish Oli include:

-Business strategy consulting

-Marketing strategy consulting

-Trade Marketing strategy consulting

-Communication & media planning consulting

-Brand, brand positioning consulting

-Brand identity system building

-BSC – KPI building

-Annual operation plan (AOP) building

After the consulting project, BrainMark has resolved outstanding difficulties, and barriers that Asia Fish Oil encountered on its way of brand development. With BrainMark’s experienced specialists, we already brought the Company a great satisfaction with services provided.

Opportunity to succeed is only one, when the market is increasingly competitive, the opportunity does not allow the business to hesitate, if your company needs the best solution to achieve the goal, BrainMark believes that you need what we have. What BrainMark has done for the previous organizations is a testament to your belief in us.