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Organizational culture is called“corporate soul” that will survive over the course of time, like spiritual life, belief, personality traits of every human being that help them stand apart from the crowd. It is essential for the employees to understand the culture of their workplace to adjust well. Organizational culture is a crucial factor that dicides the long- term success of enterprise

The meaning of organizational culture:

  • A culture affecting staff attitudes, mentalities, interests, work ethics
  • A factor that shape corporate philosophy, spirit, principle, value…
  • An enterprise without a strong organizational culture is like a person without a clear life goals
  • All prosperous companies always have their own strong organizational culture
  • The work culture gives an identity to the organization. In other words, an organization is known by its culture.


BrainMark has been providing organizational culture consulting service to many foreign & local companies in Viet Nam, building certain values, policies, rules and guidelines which help them create an image of their own.

BrainMark’s organizational culture consulting services include:

  • Taking a survey to assess and understand company current cultural state
  • Compiling company philosophy
  • Compliling corporate culture handbook
  • Designing cultural handbook
  • Making video clips reflecting corporate culture
  • Implementing training sessions of corporate culture to employees
  • Planning culture communication towards employees
  • Evaluating corporate cultural state after consulting

Maintaining company strong culture during growth requires every compnay to have specific rules & regulations, and through repetitive activities in works that create habits of behavior, attitudes in the enterprise in accordance with organizational culture

A succefful organizational cuture is constantly followed by activites of assessment in order to make timely adjustments, right target setting, rigorous hiring practices ensuring newly hired employees are a good fit to company culture

As the most prestigious consultant, BrainMark has successfully been providing organizational culture consulting service to many foreign and local companies in Viet Nam. BrainMark believes its consulting method is built applicably and scientifically


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