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Thăng Uy Group

THANG UY GROUP (TUG) was established in 1999, is the official distributor in the Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar market of the world leading equipment manufacturers in the elevator and escalator system, air conditioning system, air compressor, air dryer, special forklift, aerial equipment and boiler such as Hitachi, Mitsui Seiki, Gardner Denver, Samsung, SPX / Hankison, Orion, Altec, Snorkel, Samson …

With more than 200 employees, applying professional management process ISO 9001: 2008, TUG has implemented thousands of domestic and foreign projects that are trusted by customers.

Services BranMark has provided:

  • Consulting to build organizational structure
  • Consulting to build BSC – KPI system
  • Consulting to build competency evaluation system
  • Consulting to build 3P compensation
  • Consulting to build organizational culture
  • Consulting to build business plan
  • Training management skills

Through the project, BrainMark has solved the outstanding difficulties, and pressure that Thang Uy BODs encountered on the way of its business development. With BrainMark’s experienced specialists, we already brought Thang Uy a great satisfaction with services provided