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Consulting to build Annual Operating Plan (AOP)



In October of every year, most corporations and companies spend a great time on developing their Annual Operating Plan (AOP), which is an important task in order to set their objectives, implementation strategy, action plan, budget plan … for next business year.

BrainMark is a leading consulting company which has successfully been consulting for hundreds of large and small enterprises in Vietnam completing their AOP in recent years. We send consulting experts to work closely with the Company’s Board of Directors and each department head in order to plan feasible and realistic plans based on the company’s existing capabilities and resources.

Common mistakes usually made by companie

  • There is no clear objectives for company, department and each employee
  • There is no specific strategies for each year
  • There is no specific action plan for each department
  • There is no budgetary plan and control
  • Company departments don’t closely work together with each other
  • Managers doesn’t have specific control procedures to deliver timely decisions
  • Can’t evalutate proformance effectiveness of each department and employee

Purpose and consulting scope

  • Ensure all company departments implement successfully Annual Operating Plan (AOP)
  • Ensure company has complete AOP for long- term use
  • Ensure department heads successfully manage according to improved plans.
  • In order to help company efficiently control departmental activities

Consulting contents

1. Learning to know company status and business plan

  • Interviewing BOD’s Chairman
  • Interviewing Board of Directors (BOD)

2. Training AOP for company and departmental employees

  • Training the general concepts and methods of AOP
  • Traing ways of using AOP forms

3. Building company and departmental annual objectives

  • Building necessary processes and procedures for company and departments
  • Strictly cooperating with BOD to build company objectives
  • Allocating company objectives to each department
  • Attending departmental objectives presentations to BOD

4. Guiding in details management levels of objective setting according to BSC

  • Guiding depatments to effectively cooperate with each other in AOB building
  • Guiding departments to build objectives according to BSC
  • Guiding ways of using Forms provided by BrainMa
  • Guiding methods of data building and reporting

5. Guiding in details management levels in setting OGSM –Solutions to implement objectives in AOP and objective measures

  • Guiding to build departmental objectives from company objectives
  • Building methods in implementing objectiv
  • Building measures to effectively evaluate objectives performance

6. Guiding in details management levels in building action plans

  • Building action plans
  • Building personnel plans
  • Building training plans
  • Building C&B plans

7. Guiding in details management levels in building budgetary plans

  • Analyzing costs and expenses in each department (working with finance department)
  • Building budgetary plans for each department
  • Building budgetary control plans for each department

8. Hold to present AOP to BODs

  • Training AOP presentation skills for department heads
  • Help department hold AOP presentation to BOD

9. Training Evaluation Board to assess AOP effectiven

  • Building necessary procedures and processes for expected and unexpected evaluation
  • Training Evaluation Board on performance evaluation skills

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