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Givral JSC

Founded in 1950 by a French businessman who fervently fell in love with Saigon, he brought his feelings into each cake he named Givral.

Over the past half decade, Givral pastry has grown over time. Consumers are pleased with Givral from the glamorous taste, happy feeling that Girval brings.

With the desire to expand the market and target customers, Givral develops new variety of products in the high-end segmentation and invites BrainMark to provide advice and solutions to problems it encountered in brand development

Consulting services BranMark has provided:

Brand development consulting

-Brand identity system establishing

-Creating new slogan for high-end products

Through the project, BrainMark has solved the outstanding difficulties, and pressure that Givral encountered on the way of its brand development. With BrainMark’s experienced specialists, we already brought Givral a great satisfaction with services provided