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Unilever Vietnam

  • How to make attractive headlines?
  • What is the image, layout is reasonable?
  • How to convince customers through PR articles advertising products or services?
  • How to write that focuses on customer wants and needes?
  • What does SEO- standardized PR articles require?
  • How to deeply understand the knowledge related to PR, advertising?

PR writing is an important marketing tool in any marketing strategy. A professional  copywriters can not lack the ability to write an attractive PR. Understanding the necessity of this skill, Unilever Vietnam has invited BrainMark to launch the training program “Professional PR Writing Skills” for the company’s media team.

With the knowledge and practical sharing through many years of experience of experts, BrainMark has conducted very interesting training sessions and received good feedback from Unilever Vietnam.

As workflows increasingly demand necessary skills, opportunities do not allow you to hesitate, if the best solutions to achieve your goals are needed, BrainMark believes you are in need of what we have.Where to start writing, how to write?