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Ricons Construction Investment Joint Stock Company – a member of Coteccons Group, Ricons inherited all the top value from the leading construction corporation of Vietnam. Ricons has gradually affirmed its brand and reputation in the market. A wide range of projects ranging from design to construction, management and construction of high-rise buildings, hotels, resorts, large- scale industrial workshops, contract value up to trillions VND that is the best proof for the success of Ricons today.

Consulting services BranMark has provided:

  • Building organizational structure
  • Building job description
  • Building BSC – KPI
  • Building personal KPI bank
  • Training how to implement
  • Evaluating and granting certificates

 At present, Ricons has completed the building of BSC – KPI, and is successfully applying KPI system in order to evaluate the efficiency of work, helping employees to work more effectively and actively