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Belluni is a high end men’s fashion brand especially designed for business people, and middle-aged men. Belluni products are widely distributed in over 100 shops and dealers nationwide. Belluni stores are present in major commercial centers such as Vincom, Aeon Mall, Lotte Mart, Coopmart, Big C, Maximark, etc.

Services BranMark has provided:

  • Consulting to build organizational structure
  • Consulting to build BSC –KPI system
  • Consulting to build competency evaluation system
  • Consulting business strategy
  • Training customer service skills
  • Training sales management skills

Beyond the expectation, BrainMark has solved the outstanding difficulties, and pressure that Belluni BODs encountered on the way of its business development. With BrainMark’s experienced specialists, we already brought to Belluni a great satisfaction with services provided