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Benthanh Group

Benthanh Group is a capital investment company operating under the parent company-subsidiary model. Currently, Ben Thanh Group is contributing capital and managing the 31 member enterprises, the main business activities in four areas: tourist services, commercial services, real estate services and industrial production.

Brand is the property of the Company, however, to keep and develop “property” is a process that requires business owners and marketers to think properly. Benthanh Group has selected BrainMark as the training company for the Board of Directors and Marketing Department with the topics “Brand Thinking” and “Digital Marketing Skills”.

The training program is implemented in the form of practical training combined with consultancy. Through the program, BrainMark has helped Benthanh Group’s management resolve the outstanding difficulties, barriers, as well as answer the company’s questions that Company was encountered. The program success created the foundation for new potential cooperation between BrainMark and Benthanh Group in the future.