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Dat Xanh Group

Dat Xanh Group is the leading real estate group in Vietnam, specializing in Investment – Construction – Services to provide superior products in order to improve the value of life.


Real estate is a very particular industry in which many real estate agents and brokers simultaneously play two roles: an advertiser, and also a customer seeker. Therefore, this is the source of many problems and difficulties that real estate brokers are facing recently


With the aim of helping real estate brokers in the company can thoroughly exploit skills, brokerage support tools, BrainMark has the opportunity to provide its services to Dat Xanh Group, that includes:

  • Sales skills
  • Deal closing skills
  • Digital Marketing

The program was a great success with a very exciting atmosphere when many real estate brokers asked the trainer and also sharing the experience and difficulties in real estate brokerage field

With positive feedback from the Company, BrainMark expects that in the near future, it will continuously bring to Dat Xanh Group more truly high quality and practical program.