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Fico was previously known as a Construction Materials Corporation No. 1, belonging to the Ministry of Construction. Fico’s main business is in the field of manufacturing and trading construction materials, mining, real estate investment with the total annual revenue of about 5000 billion VND

BrainMark is very pleased to be selected by FICO to carry out the following consulting project

  • Buiding organizational structure
  • Building job description
  • Building annual operations plan (AOP)
  • Building and implementing BSC- KPI system
  • Building competency evaluation system
  • Building 3P compensation system

After consulting with BrainMark’s experienced experts, we has solved FICO’s difficulties and barriers as well as its pressure that it encountered on the way of business development and of building management system. The project promises to bring a more professional working environment for Fico and creating a stable foundation for Fico’s revenue growth in the future.

On August, 1, 2018, BrainMark started to provide consulting services to FICO such as BSC – KPI system, competency assessment, 3P compensation, annual operation plan – AOP, etc.