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Gamuda Land

Market as the battlefield, where there is a “good bait”, the competition is fierce. As the real estate market is incredibly emerging, the more the competition is, the more important the role of real estate skills is. In order to become a professional Real Estate Broker, each individual needs to be armed with skills such as marketing, customer service, deal closing, image building to get consumer confidence.

When understanding the necessity of this skill, Gamuda Land JSC has invited BrainMark to launch a series of training programs: Customer Service Skills, Digital Marketing Skills, Personal Image Building Skills for real estate brokers of the Company.

Through the training sessions, BrainMark’s experienced experts has shared many useful knowledge as well as practical experiences to trainees and partly answersed the questions and difficult situations that brokers were encountering

The training program ended successfully with high satisfaction because of BrainMark professional knowledge shared by its experienced experts