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Lien Thanh

Lien Thanh is a prestigious brand with a long history in the fish sauce industry in Vietnam. Each year, Lien Thanh produces 4.5 million liters of fish sauce consumed throughout the country. According to the needs of consumers, Lien Thanh has products such as gold, silver, copper, vegetarian sauce … In the domestic market, Lien Thanh fish sauce is present in most provinces through the systems: supermarkets, distributors, showrooms …

BrainMark has recently been consulting and training the BSC – KPI system for Lien Thanh. With BrainMark’s experienced experts, we have received positive feedback from the Lien Thanh Board of Directors as well as solved the outstanding difficulties and barriers Lien Thanh encountered. The consultancy program also helped Lien Thanh to better understand the tools of BSC – KPI, relieving the pressure in management before deploying the program.