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Mori is the main product of TMTM Co., Ltd, which is extracted from Moringa oleifera tree.

The use of Moringa leaf as a functional food, beverage nutrition has been applied in more than 80 countries around the world for many years. All the more, Moringa is also used as a medicinal ingredient in the treatment of some serious diseases, which include a mixture of compounds such as zeatin, quercetin, caffeoylquinic acid beta-sitosterol and kaempferol, which are very rare to see in other medical plants.

TMTM’s Mori brand includes: Tea, Coffee, Porridge, Noodle, Biscuits, Functional Foods, etc.

BrainMark is proud to be the consulting company to launch Mori products in the market.

Services BranMark has provided:

  • Market research
  • Brand development & positioning
  • Business development
  • Sales & merketing plan

Through the project, BrainMark has solved the outstanding difficulties, and pressure that TMTM BODs encountered on the way of its business development and brand positioning. With BrainMark’s experienced specialists, we already brought TMTM a great satisfaction with services provided